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Hey Everyone.

Short about Moribus Adultus.
Guild was created april 24, 2011 and main part of members are people who in one way or another know each other, friends, relatives and friends of those. We therefore have a very nice attitude in guild and some fun and good hours online no matter what we are doing.
We are primarily a social guild, but we do raid regularly 2-3 times a week. The raids are always done in a friendly atmosphere.

Lots of members are at the very mature end of age, meaning they have kids playing wow as well. We also have teenagers but all have in common a good attitude and behavior. In general we set attitude higher than skills, as attitude is something your raised to be and hard to change, whereas skills can be learned.

If you think we are something you would like to join, pls put a few notes on our application forum. We dont have a specific formular, so just put what you think we need to know about you.

You can whisper me or one of the advisors if you have any questions.

The advisors and raidleaders are:

Top of Cake:Hanny
Guild List Administration:Laine
Bank & Daily Observer:Enos
Bank:    Raidiot

Enjoy the game, that is what we do   ;)

We have set up a Paypal Donation to help having website and ventrilo running.

xxGuldan Kill

April 09, 2017, 11:00:21 PM by Dasidera
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April 11, 2016, 12:34:29 PM by Hanny | Views: 721 | Comments: 2

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